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Why replace your cluster or radio when we can fix it?
Most of our services are same day repair!
Give us a call!


About Us


We are a family owned buisness and always have been.

Downtown Radio was established by the Blackburn family in 1948, it was purchased from the Blackburn family in 1976 by Doug Bartholomew and Glynn Davis. In 2014 Doug Bartholomew became the sole owner and is still the only technician. 

Downtown Radio continues to be a small family run business in Charlotte with a branch located in Raleigh, NC.

We offer instrument cluster repairs, radio installation and radio repair.

We do not work on after market radios.

We do most of our work for local dealerships and CarMax Dealership from all around the country. 

Operating Hours: 

9 AM- 5 PM

Contact us:

(704) 494- 4090

Our Services


​- Gagues on instrument clusters


- CD problems (jammed, not reading)

- Radio problems

-Knob and parts replacements for instrument clusters and radios

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